Snake Bites

Snake Bites is a classic eat-the-apples game, inspired by the Nokia classic.

It is available in the Google Play Store in a free version and an ad free premium version. There is a premium version available for Fire TV in the Amazon App Shop as well.

Whether you you grew up owning a Nokia 3210, or you never heard of Snake before – you will love Snake Bites. It takes the simple principle of that game and ports it to the smartphone, without losing the classic charme.


  • Freedom of choice
    • choose from 7 unique game styles: toon, old phone, GameBoy, 2,5d, simple, worm and 8Bit
    • play two different game modes: endless and stages
    • play on your Smartphone or your Fire TV
    • use touch control or a gamepad
    • play the free version or pay a small amount for the ad free premium game
  • Great game music
    • enjoy several tunes, which make you feel, like being back in the 90s again
    • a new tune almost every stage
  • Learn: there is an open source version of the game, so you can learn how to develop your own android game