Guardian Monsters

This is my affair of the heart. Guardian Monsters is a monster RPG. Imagine it like a mixture of Pokémon, Final Fantasy and Golden Sun. It is being developed for Android, based on my open source monster RPG engine Friends with Monsters and is powered by libGDX.


  • explore a beautiful world
  • ride horses, sail with ships or walk by feet
  • be who you are, or someone else
    • play as girl, boy or something else
    • freely choose colors of hair, skin, eyes and clothes
  • find various colors of Guardians
  • fill the ability board of your Guardians
  • unlock your chakras to bind up to 7 Guardians to your soul
Guardian Monsters – first Teaser

The Story

Once, before everything, only the singularity existed. Event time did not exist then. When the singularity got unstable, it split up in four, and the four gods where born. Gaia – Goddess of Earth, Luna – Goddess of Water, Accendos – God of Fire and Aetherius – God of the Air.

The four of them created mankind. Gaia and Accendos created the first woman and Luna and Aetherius the first man. For the first ten thousand years men worshipped their divine parents and the gods gave them the four elements, so they could live in prosperty. But some men strived for power and tried to gain the elements for their own advantage. Other men followed them and then there where ten thousand years of war. The so called Element Wars.

In their strive for might, people forgot about about their divine parents and did no longer pray to them. The gods where disappointed by the hatred and violence they saw and turned their back on mankind.

Men used the elements as waepons in the battle. When they collided, new elements emerged. From the clash of Earth and Water Forests arose. In the violent vortex of Fire and Air Spirits came into existance. Water and Air rose Ice and where Earth and Fire collided, Darkness spread. In the clash of Earth, Fire and Darkness Lindworms came to life. Fire, Air and Spirit caused Lightning. Where Water, Air and Ice came in contact, mountains grew. Form the Forests Insects emerged.

A coastal town in the game

Since then, there have been no new elements. Today our world consists of the twelve of them. Legend has it, that, when the big four one day collide, the gods and all elements will return into Singularity and the existence of everything will end in Ragnarök.

There is a relic for every element. Who gains a relic, controls an element and everything that consists of it. To stop the wars, twelve wise men and women protected them with strong spells and mighty beasts and since then they have not been gained by any human being.